Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Pre-reading Skills: Substitute Words

Some 4-5 year old children are ready to start learning to read, but most will benefit more from pre-reading games.  Substitute Words is a fun game you can throw into any rhyming story you are reading with your child.

To play, choose a book your child has heard before or that has a few predictable rhymes.  As you read along, simply substitute a non-sense rhyming word into the story.

For example, Rusty Robot has a page that reads,
Zippy takes a trip
On a ship around the stars.
She's seen the rings of Saturn,
 Now it's time for lunch on Mars. 
Instead of reading "Mars," say something like "Dars."

Preschoolers love to correct you, and this gives them a chance to practice hearing rhyming sounds that will help them learn to read!