Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Summer Tree/Fall Tree Craft For Preschoolers

This fun and easy craft lets preschoolers (and toddlers!) make a tree that can switch back and forth between summer and fall!

Preparation: (your child can watch this part!)

Cut a trunk out of brown construction paper.  Cut the tree top out green and white paper (or, use yellow, red, or orange instead of white!).  Cut a blue sheet of construction paper in half.  Gather crayons, stickers, and glue.

Let your child:

Spread glue on half of the green tree top and place it on top of the white tree top.  Fold the un-glued half away from the glued half.  Glue the un-glued half to the blue construction paper, according to the picture above.

Let your child glue the tree trunk in place and add any decorations: apples, stickers, etc.

Flip the tree back and forth, saying, "Summer Tree; Fall Tree; Summer Tree; Fall Tree!"

Talk about:

The first day of fall was September 23rd!  What changes have you seen?  Feel free to discuss changes in temperature, trees, plants, birds, and other animals in as much detail as your child wants!