Monday, November 7, 2011

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Thanksgiving Craft Kit For Preschoolers Now Available!!

Talk about gratitude, make a magnet, bead a bracelet, play with stickers, and more!  Our Thanksgiving Craft Kit for Preschoolers contains seven pre-made craft kits produced by various companies.  These have been chosen for their appeal to preschoolers, application to the Thanksgiving season, and the broad range of lessons and skills that can be related to each activity!

Inside the Thanksgiving Craft Kit for Preschoolers, you will find:

1.  3-Dimensional Thanksgiving Tree with Sticker Leaves--perfect for discussing gratitude!

2.  Create Your Own Johnny Appleseed Scene With Stickers--let your preschooler put together her version of Johnny's wilderness!

3.  Create Your Own Scarecrow Scene With Stickers--clouds, pumpkins, apple trees...what more could scarecrows want?

4.  Create Your Own Sparkling Leaf Ornament Kit--hang it up for the entire Fall season!

5.  Create Your Own Turkey Kit--a paper turkey just in time for Thanksgiving!

6.  Create Your Own Thankful Heart Magnet Kit--this thankful reminder can stick to your fridge or any other metal surface!

7.  Create Your Own Beaded Leaves Bracelet Kit--more appropriate for older preschoolers!

8.  A Suggested Enrichments Page with ideas to extend each craft into a learning experience!

All supplies (except glue!) for all the crafts above are included in the kit!  These are fabulous activities you can do with your preschooler!  Even older children will enjoy many of them!

Please supervise your children closely--there are many small pieces in this Thanksgiving Craft Kit!

The entire Thanksgiving Craft Kit (including all seven craft kits and the Suggested Enrichment page) is now on sale for only $5.99 + $2.50 S&H!!

Only a limited number of these kits are available.  You can order using the button below or the button on the sidebar!

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