Thursday, December 29, 2011


New Years Bracelet (Preschooler Craft)

Bring your new year in with a little sparkle with this fun bracelet craft!  The threading practice strengthens small muscles and the finished product is something your child can wear or give as a gift!

* New Years-y buttons
* Small elastic cording

To make this bracelet, let your child:
* Thread the cording through any buttons of her choice!  She may choose to make a pattern or she may just choose her favorite festive buttons!

When she's done, you can tie a knot.  Make sure you test the size on her wrist first!  Happy New Year!


CacheyMama said...

This is a really cute activity. Such a simple idea, yet so much fine motor involved. I love it!

Curriculum said...

Looks great!!!

Tonia @ said...

Very cute! Projects like this are so fun because the kids love making them and then they can wear the results!