Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Play Dough Print Painting (letter x)

Play dough print painting is the perfect way to mix up your painting experience...and reinforce the letter "x!"  

It is hands-on, sensory, tactile, and manipulative!  
It squishes. folds, bends, and makes fascinating prints!

We first used it to make "x" prints on our Letter X day.  You could do this with any letter!  Simply form the letter with play dough, dip it in paint, then print it on your paper.  

TIP:  Squeeze only two primary colors into your children's paint trays.  We used yellow and blue.  The kids had yellow prints, blue prints, and green prints!  This is great for reinforcing colors and color mixing!

I have one little guy that likes to feel the prints with both his hands and feet!

After we made letter "x" prints, the kids used the play dough to make prints of anything they wanted.  We had all sorts of shapes and designs!

I am sharing Letter X activities all week!  Be sure the check back again and get them all!!

I may share at any of these parties!