Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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Preschool Spider Song & Parachute Game - Spider Theme Fun

I found this original spider song at Growing Book by Book and had so much fun using it during our music time!

Jodie at Growing Book by Book has some great suggestions for using it in different learning activities and to help with pre-reading skills! I also LOVE her book lists!

I wanted to make a few changes to the song so that it would work better for our purposes--I've already mentioned the Music Time class I'm teaching right now for preschoolers. This week we did a Spider Theme--we always do a spider unit with my kids in October, so it was perfect timing to do one with our preschool friends too! I also wanted to change it a little to use it as an activity with our play parachute. Parachute time is one of our favorite parts of Music Time, and I'm always looking for ways to twist activities into working with our parachute!

So, how did this work?

First, I scattered the cards in this file around the floor about 10 feet away from the parachute.

Then I taught the kids the song. It goes to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot, and is easy for kids (and adults!) to pick up:

I'm a hungry spider in my web
Looking for food that rhymes with *****!
Can you get a tasty treat for me?
Put it in my web where I can see!

Then I told them the kids I had some silly foods for the spider, and we were going to put it in our parachute "web!"

All the kids went and picked up a colored "dot card," and then came back to their spot at the parachute.

We practiced making "little waves" in our spider web because spider webs are so strong that when the wind blows, it just makes little waves in the web.

I chose one child to start. She told us the color on her card, and we sang the song with her color. When we asked her to get "a tasty treat" she went and picked out the "food" that rhymed with her color, and dropped both cards on the parachute. We made a few little waves, and then I chose another child to go next.

Once everyone had a turn and all the cards were on the parachute, we made "big waves" until they all flew off the parachute...and we all said, "YUM!" :D  

We actually had to gather up all the cards, toss them back on the parachute, and shake them off one more time because it was so fun!

(You can also use the free cards for memory games!)

I would LOVE to hear from you if you use this spider song for your Music Time, especially if you use a parachute with it too! You can always send me an email or tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

And if you want more Spider Activities for preschoolers, check out my Spider Theme HERE! I have everything from science experiments to math games to crafts...and more!

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