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Stuff for Older Kids

Sometimes I share crafts, science experiments, and printables for "older" kids. Since I consider preschoolers 2-6 years old, these are projects and activities for any child 7-18. Some may work for younger kids too--in fact, odds are good that I modified the activity for my own preschoolers while my older kids did the full version--but you can choose how to use these. I just thought it would be convenient to collect them in one spot so you don't have to search through 1000+ preschool posts to find them!

Near each image, I am including an "independent age" note. This is the age range that most kids could do the activity independently. Regardless of the age recommendation, ALWAYS SUPERVISE your children! Never turn them loose on a project without supervision, especially if it is a science project! And always remember, if your children cannot safely do the project, choose something else.  ;) 

Please note: this page is "under construction" while I gather up posts from the past! Thank you for being patient with me while I get it put together! If there's anything in particular you are looking for, feel free to shoot me an email.  ~Carla


Chemistry for Kids: Edible Atoms (independent age: 3rd grade)

Spiders Lapbook (independent age: 2nd-3rd grade)

Ghost Slime (independent age: 3rd grade)


Penguin Number Line (independent age: 1st grade)

Galaxy Art & Science (independent age: 1st grade)