Thursday, June 23, 2022

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Safety Month Game + Courses for Adults

June is National Safety Month, so today I am sharing a fun, free board game for kids (that reviews important safety habits) and some great courses from ChildCare Education Institute about safety outdoors and during transportation!

Free Printable Game

To The Playground! is a board game that you can print and glue onto a file folder! It's the perfect size to put on one side of the folder with the rules on the other side. I recommend stapling a ziplock baggie to the folder so that you can keep the cards attached to the game! You will also want to grab a die and pop that in the baggie too!

You can download or print the game for free at the bottom of this post!

The printable file comes with the following:

1- board game
1- rules page
12- True/False Cards

All you need to do is cut out the cards and grab a die and play pieces for each player!

Here are the rules:


1- Print the game board.
2- Print & cut out the cards.
3- Get a "marker" for each player (coins, colored paper, and bear counters work great!)
4- Get a die.


Place all the players on the START circle. Decide who will start!


1- Roll the die. Move your marker the number of spaces that you rolled.

2- If you land on a SAFETY FIRST circle, draw a True/False Safety Card.

Have someone read the True/False Safety Card to you. If you answer it correctly, move 2 more spaces!
If you do not get the correct answer, nothing happens. 3- If you land on the top of the ladder, you can climb ahead. If you land on the bottom of the ladder, nothing happens.


Everyone wins when you all reach the playground! 

You can download or print the game for free at the bottom of this post!

The cards require someone to read to them--my kids loved showing off their awesome knowledge of safe and unsafe scenarios with them! I pulled information for the cards from the two courses I took from ChildCare Education Institute for National Safety Month:

* CCEI110BOutdoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting 
* ADM103Transportation and Field Trip Safety for Child Care Centers.

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) specializes in high-quality, online training courses for anyone who works with young children. They are ideal for teachers and daycare providers, but they also provide A LOT of really useful information for parents who would like to learn more about anything from outdoor child safety to brain development! Their certification programs include coursework for national credentials like CDA and over 150 courses in English and Spanish!

I have taken 10 courses through CCEI now, and I highly recommend them. I'm not alone, either--99% of their students say they would recommend CCEI to others, and more than 35,000 early childhood professionals have graduated from their CDA and other certificate programs! 

My three favorite features of CCEI courses are...

** 24/7 coursework availability! I can take their web-based courses on my schedule on any device. It is the most convenient way to get professional development!

** ChildCare Education Institute is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and is accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

** Their courses are practical and up-to-date with current research! They have great hands-on ideas, and their suggestions for day-to-day situations are useful and backed by current research!

The courses at CCEI generally take about as long as their hours indicate, so a course that offers 1 clock hour of professional development takes about 1 hour to complete. Throughout each course there are a few multiple choice questions to make sure you understand some of the key concepts. At the end of each course is a short quiz/test, which you must pass in order to complete the course. (You can retake it if you don't pass the first time.) After you complete the course you can print or save the certificate! Their system also stores a record of the courses you take, so as long as you have access to the system, you can go back and print certificates for any previous courses you've taken as well!

Here is a quick introduction to each of the courses I took for Safety Month:

ADM 103: Transportation and Field Trip Safety for Child Care Centers

This course includes detailed information about safety when you transport children, especially for child care centers. Everything from vehicle types and maintenance routines to child seat belts and how to get in and out of a vehicle are covered in this course! 

I was particularly impressed with the detailed explanations of car seat installation, communications, and first aid kits. I thought this was a very practical course with additional resources and specific safety tools!

CCEI 110B: Outdoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting

I was legitimately surprised by the number of emergency room visits that are caused every year by playground accidents! (Spoiler alert: it's over 200,000! And over 20,000 include traumatic brain injuries!)  Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to prevent and lessen injuries! Taking this course actually led to a few updates in our backyard equipment, so it was immediately useful for me!

Besides discussing playground set-up and safety, this course also covered environmental hazards, water play, injury prevention and treatment, ways to prepare for unexpected incidents, and more! It even helped me to better understand some of the rules our kids' gymnastics centers have!

I am always delighted to recommend ChildCare Education Institute for any early childhood professional development needs you have! I have been absolutely happy with every course I've taken with them, including these two safety courses!

I am also excited to share this free board game to help remind your children about safety guidelines they can control!   You can download or print the game for free HERE!

Happy Educating,

This article is sponsored by ChildCare Education Institute. All opinions are mine--you know I only recommend products and companies I love!

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