Monday, February 17, 2014


Planting Peas & {FREE} Printable!!

Peas are a wonderful plant to grow with young children because they grow measurably every single day!  Preschoolers just love to see their own little plant getting taller!

We planted out peas on our "Letter P" day, but you could also plant them just for fun, to celebrate Spring, to go with gardening, seed, or plant units!

Planting peas is easy!  

You will need these supplies:

Here's the Easy How-to:

1- Scoop soil into the cup.

2-  Place the seeds about an inch under the soil.  This distance is not too can be anywhere from just under the soil to two inches deep.

You can print out the {FREE} cute labels here:

3.  Place your cups in a sunny window and water daily!  My kids had a tendency to over-water, so I poked holes in the bottoms of the cups to let the extra water drain out.  In one week, our little pea plants looked like this:

We waited another week before we planted them outside.  One of the awesome things about pea plants is that they can tolerate cool weather (and even a little snow!).  They also like to grow along a string or trellis, and children love to watch them climb!  Click here to see a picture of them growing outside and to get a fun character object lesson you can use with your pea plants (scroll to the end of the post)!  

Peas are on of my Top 5 Plants to Grow With Preschoolers!  Click here to see the other four!

Do you plant a garden with your children?

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Sarah Haney, M.A. said...

Ah so much fun! I had to take Biology for my AA degree last summer and we planted okra. It was still fun for me as an adult ;)

Thanks for sharing the printable!

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Sarah, I totally know what you mean...I *love* playing in the garden!! Thanks for stopping by!