Monday, January 27, 2020

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Snow Themed Preschool Music & Active Movement - 45 Minutes

This is my plan for our Snow-Themed Music Time for preschoolers! I'll add more details soon, but I needed to get a plan typed up!

Last semester I taught a Preschool Music & Active Movement class for 3-4 year olds in our community.  We had such a wonderful time that I decided to do it again this semester!

I especially love teaching these classes because they are full of safe sensory exercises, group activities, pre-reading activities, and (of course) music information!

This was our first week's plan:

Gathering Activity: Playing with musical instruments.

1- Welcome Song! You can get more details about the welcome song I use HERE.

2- When I Sing La La La by Janeen Brady. Again, more details on this song are HERE.

3- Shake! Your Shaker Eggs! by We Kids Rock.  I wanted to encourage the kids to shake their "snow clouds" to make it snow!

4- Snowflakes, Snowflakes by Songs for Kids.  We clapped rhythm sticks on beat during song!  Since this is a new semester I also took a few minutes to teach the kids how to use the shaker eggs and rhythm sticks safely. We also practiced "musical sticks" and "quiet sticks."

5- Freeze Game by Just Dance Kids. This is a great active song, gives the kids a chance to listen to instructions, and is a whole-body motion activity!  Plus, it gave us a chance to talk about how snow is frozen water, so we would "freeze" like a snowflake!

6- Once Their Was a Snowman.  This is a song I learned ages ago in church, but I couldn't find any good versions on YouTube! You could chant the words if you want to use it: Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman. Once there was a snowman tall, tall, tall! In the sun it melted, melted, melted! In the sun it melted small, small, small!

I actually saved this song to do with the parachute.  We lifted the parachute up tall, tall, tall, and then lowered it as we melted and got small, small, small!

7- I'm a Little Snowman by Super Simple Songs.  I thought it would be fun to wear scarves and point out all the parts of the snowman on ourselves! I have play scarves that I planned to use, but we started a couple minutes late and didn't actually get to it!

8- Parachute: Snowstorm! We pulled the parachute out, and poured my soft snowballs onto it. I have about 30 super soft balls about the size of baseballs. We made a "soft" snowstorm by gently shaking them, and then a "big" snowstorm by making huge waves until they all flew off the parachute. We did it three times and then put the snowballs away.

9- Parachute: Snow Sharks.  First we talked about how you never see pictures of sharks in the snow, but a lot of sharks do live in really cold water with ice in it! Then all the kids sit around the parachute with their legs under the parachute. One or two "sharks" start out by crawling around under the parachute and tickling the other kids toes. If a child gets their toes tickled, they turn in to a shark and go under the parachute. In the end, all the kids are under the parachute and the moms shake it.  We repeat enough times that all the kids had a chance to be the first sharks.  

11- Parachute: Walk Around by Nancy Kopman. Everyone holds a handle, and walks...or jumps, or walks however the song suggests. :) 

12- Good-bye Song.  You can see my good-bye song HERE.  

I hope this helps you find some easy ways to share music with your preschoolers!  And if you're working on a SNOW theme, be sure to check out all my science, art, and other snow-themed preschool ideas HERE!

And if you're looking for slightly more formal music lessons for your preschoolers, I STRONGLY recommend Preschool Prodigies. They have amazing age-appropriate video lessons for preschoolers, toddlers, and older children! Here's my affiliate link--Preschool Prodigies

Happy Educating,

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