Thursday, March 3, 2016

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{FREE} Moon Phase Tracking Printable!

You can use this {FREE} moon phases tracking printable any time of the year!

This free moon phases tracking printable is the perfect extension for a classroom unit on moons or a fun addition to a Moon homeschool unit!

Filling in the "moons" on each day is loads of fun, and writing the dates is excellent calendar reinforcement.  Plus, coloring in the moons is fine motor exercise!

After the calendar is full, you can talk about why the moon "changes" shape every night, even though the same part of the moon always faces Earth (the sun lights up different portions of the part facing us)!  Please take the time to understand how this works, and do NOT just tell your children that it is because of the Earth's shadow -- this simply is not true.  :)

Also, I've included a full 28 days on the calndar. This is so that you can see the entire moon cycle.  Every 28 days we have one full moon, one new moon, and everything in between!  Here is a quick reference list of the moon phases (I've included this list in the printable too):

Day 1: new Moon
Day 4: Waxing Crescent
Day 7: First Quarter
Day 10: Waxing Gibbous
Day 14: Full Moon
Day 18: Waning Gibbous
Day 22: Third (or last) Quarter
Day 26: Waning Crescent
Day 28/1: The phases start all over again!

Recording the moon phases is a super fun astronomy/outer space science activity for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. Even older kids will benefit from it if they haven't done it before!  Once you've charted the entire moon cycle, you can discuss it and do other fun activities too--I'll be sharing ours after we finish it!

This free moon phase tracking printable is part of the Early Elementary Outer Space Theme!  Be sure to check out these other out-of-this-world activities:

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I may share at any of these parties!

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What a fun way for kids to observe the moon!