Friday, May 5, 2017

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Dry Ice Bubble Science Experiment

This dry ice bubbly science experiment is part of my dry ice experiments series! Click here for more fun educational science projects and activities with dry ice!

Did you know you can blow bubbles with dry ice? Not only is this loads of fun, it works as a great demonstration, science experiment, or STEM activity!

To set up your dry ice bubble experiment, you just need dry ice, water, and dish soap. We used a pyrex bowl and a graduated cylinder to make things more interesting too.

Dry Ice Bubble Science Experiment:

SAFETY NOTE: Remember never to touch dry ice with your bare hands. Touching the bubbles is totally fine, but use tongs or a spoon to touch the dry ice.

Try this:

1- Fill a graduated cylinder half full with warm water.
2- Add a squirt of dish soap.
3- Add a piece of dry ice.
4- Wow!! Erupting bubbles!!

Now ask your kids how they want to change it or what they want to try!

Our kids added things to the cylinder (LOTS of variables here, from toothpicks to food coloring!) and then wanted to try putting the water, soap, and dry ice in the bowl:

We had to try it out of the bowl too:

Turn it into a STEM Challenge:

Older children may enjoy some of these STEM Challenges:

* Make a dry ice bubble more than 3 inches across!
* Make a dry ice bubble that lasts more than 3 seconds!
* Find a way to hold a dry ice bubble! (NOT the dry ice, only a bubble)
* Make a dry ice bubble eruption that erupts for more than 5 seconds!

What's going on here?

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. At room temperature it sublimates, or changes directly from a solid to a gas. As molecules of dry ice escape the chunk you added to the water/soap mixture, the carbon dioxide essentially "blows" bubbles, just like you can blow bubbles on a bubble wand by forcing a gas across a water/bubble layer.

What kind of bubbly dry ice experiments did your kiddos try?

Do you love dry ice? Be sure to check out our collection of science experiments with dry ice, and let me know which one the science projects is your favorite!

Happy Educating,

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