Monday, June 15, 2020

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I am a T. Rex Dinosaur Minibook - Free Preschool Activity

Today we start the second week of preschool dinosaur activities!! To celebrate my new book, A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze, I am sharing loads of FREE dinosaur activities, and today it is this I am a T. Rex, a coloring-book style minibook!!

dinosaur minibook

You will also want to check out all the other free dinosaur activities I have in the 10-day Preschool Dinosaur Activities series! Check out the rest HERE (there's also a gift card giveaway in that post--scroll to the bottom for details)!!

This printable activity includes one sheet that you fold up to make the minibook.

Just print it out, fold it in half twice, and you have a little minibook! Color in the pictures and read the story!

You will notice that the minibook is all about size comparisons -- it is doubly fun to find bananas the size of a T. Rex teeth, a couple apples to represent eyes, and make a T. Rex face!  To be fair, T. Rex had like 60 teeth, so you might not have a perfectly realistic mouth, but even just a couple are fun!

You can also use a tape measure to measure 40 feet, and see how many kids it would take to line up to be as long as a T. Rex!

A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze Book

The link for the free preschool dinosaur activity is below!

First, I want to share my new book with you! This is my first picture book! It combines silly characters with rock cycle science--it is both fun to read out loud and fun to look at the pictures! 

AND, the T. Rex in the little minibook is the T. Rex from this book!!  😍

I would love to invite YOU to JOIN ME in its first hardcover print run! You can learn more (and see some of the inside pages!) HERE! Let me know if you have any questions--I am SUPER excited about this!! <3 


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