Monday, August 11, 2014

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Apple Preschool Science Experiments

These apple science experiments are great for preschoolers and even older children too! These science projects are a lot of fun and get the kids excited to learn about their world.

Last week we went to the grocery store and were blown away by all the varieties of apples coming into season!  No wonder everyone likes to do Apple themes in the fall for preschool!  Today, I'm sharing more than a dozen fun apple-y preschool science experiments that you can do with an Apple theme, or just for fun!  And if you'd like even more apple-themed ideas, including crafts and recipes, be sure to check out my Apple Fun Pinterest Board!

12+ Apple Preschool Science Experiments:

1.  Make fun and colorful eruptions flow from your apples!

2.  Learn how to make apple seeds bounce and jump by mixing a few common ingredients!

4.  Measure, predict, and record observations with apples!

5.  Use apples to see how cavities can grow in your teeth!

6.  Make an apple mummy!

7.  See how well you can balance and stack apples...and read a book to go with it!

8.  See how strongly your sense of smell affects taste!

9.  Discover how dramatically your sense of smell can change taste when you make an apple taste like something completely different!

10.  Dip apples in a secret ingredient to keep them perfectly shaped and colored (hint: it's not lemon)!

11.  Use apples to study the science of rotting food!

12.  Predict how many seeds you have and record your investigation on this {FREE} printable!

13.  Investigate an apple tree and discover when the fruit is ripe!

15.  Build an engineering monument with this fantastic Apple Toothpick Tower Challenge!

 I hope you have a fabulous fall!  And if you do any of these science experiments, I'd love to know!  You can share pictures or links of your science projects on our Facebook page or here as a comment!

I may share at any of these parties!