Friday, August 17, 2018

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Letter F Free Printable Minibook Alphabet Series

Today's free printable minibooks is all about the letter F! Each minibook focuses on a letter of the alphabet and since I know a lot of preschoolers work on letters, I am sharing them here!

Just like the others, this minibook is full of about nine coloring-book style pictures that start with the featured letter. You just print them off, cut out the pages, and staple them together! 

Or, even better, let your preschooler or kindergarten kiddo cut out the pages! They get to practice writing their name on the front page, trace the letter on the front page, and see the letter again on each page in the minibook!

You can turn the minibook into printable games too! Just print two sets, paste them on construction paper, cut them out, and play memory or matching games. It just reinforces the sounds that F can make as you remind your children that all the words in this book start with F. 

My preschoolers LOVE "reading" their books after they color them! You could also hang up the pages to display or put them into a binder to make an alphabet collection!

If your child isn't ready to focus on letters and the sounds they make, you can still print the little books off and just use them as coloring books! Everyone likes a free preschool printable, right?!

I will be sharing about one a week, so if you follow along you can get them all free! You can click HERE to see the whole collection! And if you don't want to wait for them to come out weekly, you're welcome to click HERE for instructions on buying the whole set at once.

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