Friday, July 31, 2020

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Free Mermaids & Pirates Preschool Board Game

My preschooler old loves mermaids, so we played this Mermaids & Pirates game about 6 times in 4  days!

It prints off easily on 2 sheets of paper and takes two players about 10 minutes play...the perfect length for short attention spans!

Plus, it has mermaids and pirates! My 4-year old's favorite things in the world are mermaids, unicorns, rainbows, princesses, and Spiderman, so she called her mermaid "The Princess" and the game suddenly included two of her all-time favorite things!

I love board games like this because they give kids a chance to practice counting, subitizing, a one-to-one correspondence, taking turns, and coping with winning and losing. Those are a lot of early reading, early math, and important life skills all wrapped up in a short game that you might end up playing twice in one morning!

I hope you love the game! If you want to share a copy with your friends, please send them to **this web page.**  (Please do NOT send them directly to the file.) When people click to the file FROM THIS PAGE, it actually creates revenue for me that allows me to share more printables for free. 💖  I also love it when you pin this page or share it on Facebook.  Thank you so much!!

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