Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Blow Dart Painting!

Blow Dart Painting is the perfect way to add some pizzaz to your preschoolers' day!


When I saw this darts and shooters game and this catapult activity, I knew the perfect way to combine the ideas:  Blow Dart Painting!

This activity is a great open-ended art project that strengthens fine muscles and allows for a conversation about colors.  It also has to potential to morph into a physics discussion!

It only took about two minutes to gather our supplies and tape the paper on the gate, and this project was ready to go!

So, I give you the very easy (and super fun!) Blow Dart Painting:

Simple Supplies:

* straws
* q-tips
* paint
* big paper and tape

Easy How-to:

1.  Tape your big paper up to a wall or fence.

2.  Show your kiddos how to "load" the blow dart by dipping the q-tip in paint and setting it into the straw.

We had some experimenting with dipping the entire q-tip in different colors!

3.  "Shoot" the paint at the paper by blowing into the straw (aka blow dart!).  It worked best for us to stand about one foot away from the paper. If your children are younger, you may want to practice blowing (and not sucking) on the straw before you let them put paint on it!

4.  If you have younger preschoolers, they may enjoy using the straw and q-tips like paintbrushes.  Our youngest kiddo here was adding to the painting already done by the blow darts!

This also morphed into a discussion about physics and trajectory with my oldest, who proceeded to shoot a few blow darts perched from the top of our swing set!

Do you have a favorite way to paint?  I'd love to know if you give this one a try!

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Unknown said...

What a fun idea! I am pinning to my preschool play & learn board =)

Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great weekend,
Beth =)

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Thanks so much Beth!