Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Creative Weather Play & Poppins Book Nook

Would you believe a couple simple props can open up a world of creative play?  Check out these simple weather activities!

Sometimes I really believe we work too hard to entertain our children!  They have such brilliant little minds that sometimes need exercising more than entertaining, and when their little brains are allowed to work, they end up entertaining each other.  At the same time, they develop cognitive skills like problem solving and inventing, social skills, patience, and more!

This umbrella occasion was actually created by my 4-year old.  (Umbrellas may have been on his brain...check out the book below!)  He decided to build a campsite out of umbrellas.  Eventually, they added a "fire," bench, and table!

You can "invite" your children to create their own umbrella-based creative play world simply by placing an umbrella near them while they play.  If they don't notice it, try opening it up, closing it, and setting down.  Give them a smile if they aren't normally allowed to play with umbrellas!  I would love to see what your kiddos come up with!!

Umbrellas are loads of fun!  They can inspire all kinds of creative play, and opening and closing them is excellent fine motor exercise!  Just make sure your children are safe with them--they do have sharp and pointy edges.  If your kiddos won't be safe with them, use another prop to inspire play.

Spring is such a delightful time for umbrellas!  Be sure to check out The Umbrella by Jan Brett...it is full of rainforest animals, a little Spanish, and lots of umbrella fun!  {Amazon Affiliate Link below!}

And if you'd like some fun weather science activities, be sure to check out our hurricane model, rain gauge, and catch a cloud in a jar experiments!  Also this amazing preschool science experiment looks a lot like a colorful rain storm coming through clouds!

Every month Poppins Book Nook brings you books and activities focused around a theme!  This month the theme is weather!  You will want to see all the great weather ideas from these bloggers and enter the fantastic meteorologist giveaway at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom!!

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I may share at any of these parties!

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