Monday, September 25, 2017

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Squirrel Action Rhyme - Rhymes for Kids

This week we're talking about squirrels and acorns, and I'm sharing a fun action rhyme for kids all about squirrels!

Our featured book for this week is Scaredy Squirrel (image below is an Amazon affiliate link):

This squirrel rhyme for kids is perfect to do after you read the story...and it's fun with one kiddo or a classroom! After you read the story, do the action rhyme 2-3 times, and then find a picture in the story and discuss one or two of the squirrel fun facts below!

Squirrel Action Rhyme for Kids:

I am a squirrel in a tall, tall tree.  
Stretch up tall toward the sky!
I like to look around and see, see, see!    
Make hands into binocular shapes and look around!

I am picking acorns for my lunch,
"Pick" invisible acorns out of the air.
I love the way they crunch, crunch, crunch!
Make exagerrated crunches with your mouth.

Sometimes I stretch my arms up to the sky,
Spread arms out wide.
Take a leap, and start to fly!
Jump and "fly" around the room!

Squirrel Fun Facts / Fun Discussion Topics:

1- Do "flying squirrels" really fly? (No, they glide.) Not all squirrels can glide, but some have an extra flap of skin that they can spread to glide.
2- Some squirrels live in trees and some live on the ground.
3- Some squirrels can smell food under a foot of snow!
4- Squirrels' front teeth never stop growing, just like mice!

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