Saturday, August 31, 2019

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Why Preschoolers Need Music Classes & 4 Ways to Make it Happen!

I really love music, so it is natural for me to want music in my kid's lives! Amazingly, research tells us that music instruction (even for young children like preschoolers) does incredible things for their mental and emotional development! Today I'm going to share some of the reasons why you want music classes for your kiddos, and some fantastic ways to get that instruction!

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1- Music helps brains develop! A five-year study from the University of Southern California found that children's brains develop more quickly when they have music instruction, especially if they learn to play an instrument! This is one of the reasons I LOVE Preschool Prodigies--they actually teach preschoolers to play an instrument {bells} through fun pre-recorded lessons that feel more like playtime than lessons! They have lessons for older kids too! Click here to check out their incredible program!

2- Music helps other academic subjects! Statistics show that children who have music instruction score better on math and English tests, have larger vocabularies, can focus better, develop more advanced reading skills, and have better memories than children who do not have music instruction!

3- Music helps reasoning skills! Another study suggests a correlation between music instruction and nonverbal reasoning skills, fine motor skills, and auditory discrimination skills! This study suggests that music training helps children develop skills that will cross over into many subjects and help them succeed in different areas of life.

4- Music improves mood and quality of life! A very fascinating study from Finland acknowledged all the above benefits, and then went on to look at social benefits. The results were reported by students, but they found that children involved in a music program at school enjoyed school more. If there was a simple program you could get your child involved with that would help your child enjoy life more, wouldn't you want to do it?!

5- Music training in childhood strengthens the brain and nervous system into adulthood! This is really incredible and, by itself, reason enough for a music program! This study found that music training programs in childhood actually created changes in the nervous system that lasted years and years after those music lessons!

How to Start Music Lessons With Preschoolers

1- There are SO many ways that you can begin music lessons for young children! My new favorite lessons are from Preschool Prodigies (you can read my complete review about them HERE) because they are super fun and teach SO much. Preschoolers (and children in general) learn best through play, and the Preschool Prodigies lessons feel just like playtime! They have the bells lessons for preschoolers, lessons for older kids, ukulele lessons for older kids, and more (like piano!) planned soon! And they have different payment plans for every budget--you can get a monthly streaming plan, pay for a whole year, or even get a lifetime membership!  HERE is the link to their site to learn more!!

This is a picture of my 3-year old playing the Preschool Prodigies bells:

2- Another way to teach music classes for your preschoolers is by hosting your own Music Time or Music Class. I am sharing my lessons for an Music & Active Movement class this semester, and I would love to know if you can use them! Here is the first (Space themed) lesson!

3- You can also create your own playlists of fun, educational music and share those with your kiddos too! This isn't quite as structured as the first two options, but it can still be a fun way to introduce a love of music to your preschoolers that can transfer into lessons as they get older.

4- Finally, I always recommend a good old fashioned "dance party" with your preschoolers whenever the mood strikes! It's a great way to expose them to music with a strong beat, and practice moving your body in concert with music. Just turn on a favorite song and start dancing!

What is your favorite way to share music with your preschoolers? I'd LOVE to hear about it!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Preschool Prodigies. Like always, you get my honest opinions, and I ONLY recommend companies that I 100% love!

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