Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Preschoolers

Shapes!  Colors!  Leaves!  Turkeys!  Oh my!

You can cut out the pieces for this Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for your preschooler or you can trace them and let your child cut them out herself!  Either way, the assembly allows for lots of personal creative expression. You can let your child glue the pieces together with craft glue or glue dots.  If you want to speed the drying process you can slip a little hot glue on for your child too!


pre-cut felt leaves
felt circles for the body and head
felt triangle for the beak
felt snood
wiggly eyes


Let your child arrange the eyes, beak, and snood on the head.  Let your child arrange the head and feathers however she chooses.  Glue the pieces together.

Note:  A snood is the red dangly thing that attaches just above the turkey's beak.  The wattle is the red patch of skin on the turkey's neck.  Both can become bigger and brighter during different activities.