Monday, February 13, 2012

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Make a Little Book Tutorial

Making these little books is so fun and easy that your preschoolers will want to make one with every unit!  We used one for my daughter's first leaf collection, a Halloween story she wrote, and many other activities.  It is quick and simple to make, and gives your child the satisfaction of making her own book!  A few strong folds, one snip, and the book is ready to go!  Each book comes from just one paper and has four 2-sided pages (including the "cover").  Here's the tutorial:

1.  Fold your paper in half three times (one hotdog and two hamburgers, if you like that terminology!), then unfold it so that you have eight rectangles, like the picture below. 

2.  You need to cut on the green line in the picture above.  The easiest way to do this is to fold it in half again (hamburger) and cut along the middle fold.

3.  Open the page back up and fold it in half lengthwise (hotdog), opening the middle out so it makes a diamond like the picture below.

4.  Bring the corners together (as indicated by the red arrows in the picture above) so that it looks like the picture below.

5.  As you bring the corners together, you will feel it start to fold into a book.  Fold the pages over as indicated by the red arrows in the picture above.

Yay!  Your book is finished!  You can use it as a nature or science journal, let your child write her own story, or anything else you like! 

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