Friday, February 10, 2012

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Mixed Media Valentine's Art Project (Sponge Painting, Salt, Crayon)

There is something magical when you give a child options and they create their own art.  This sponge-painting, salt-using, crayon-marking art project was actually inspired by my 1-year old, but everyone (1-4 years old) loved it!  My 1-year old has had a thing lately about dumping salt out of the shaker onto the table.  He sprinkles it like snow, then spreads it everywhere with his hands.  Well, I thought...why not?!  The sensory experience is wonderful for both preschoolers and toddlers, and they all like to create things.  So, we made Mixed Media Valentine Art!

 Supplies (These supplies would also make a fabulous sensory bin!):

  ** Sponges, cut into various shapes (Valentine's Day is next week, so of course I included hearts!  I also like to talk about shapes, so added some triangles and miscellaneous sponges.)
  ** Paint (Valentine's colors here included red, pink, white, and purple.  Adding blue and yellow made sure that all my kiddos favorite colors were represented.)
  ** Crayons
  ** Salt
  ** Paintbrushes are optional.

The easy how-to:

 **  Let your children use the sponges to make prints.  Put the crayons within easy reach.  Allow any finger-painting or other use of media they would like!

  **  When they're done, let them sprinkle/pour salt wherever they would like.  This looks the coolest if they pour it on wet, goopy paint, but give them the freedom to explore.  Sidenote:  We used Kosher salt with larger crystals than many salts, simply because that is what we have in the shaker.  Using salt with fine-crystals works great too, and even has a slightly different look!

  **  Let the art dry.  Hang it on a wall.  Use it to wrap a gift.  Make it a present.  The options are endless.  

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