Monday, May 14, 2012


Monster Toss!

This Monster Toss is a fun and easy way to to re-use some of those boxes that keep coming and coming and coming and ...

The kids loved designing it and (after I cut the mouth and drew a few guide-lines) coloring it in with markers.  They were very pleased with their scary monster!

You need a box with one blank side.  Design the monster with your child.  Will it be scary? beautiful? happy? grumpy?  Cut out the mouth--make sure it is at least twice as big as the ball you intend to use. Let your child color in the rest of the monster.

Here's a few topics you can talk about during the design process:
  • emotions
  • colors
  • design
  • patterns 
  • teeth and mouth hygiene
  • hair brushing 
We've used a variety of balls and beanbags to throw in to the monster--he is one hungry critter!  You can place him (or her!) on the floor or on another box.  Your child can stand on the floor or a stool.  You can face the monster up or sideways.  However you choose, your child will get some great large-muscle and eye-hand coordination practice!  My kids also get a lot of practice taking turns!  Let your child start closer to the monster than you think is necessary the first time he throws, and then move back as he is ready. 

I'd love to see pictures or hear about any Monster Toss you make!  Feel free to post them on my PreschoolPowolPackets Facebook page, link up in the comments, or send me an email!

I may share at any of these parties!


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