Thursday, September 27, 2012


Build An Apple Tree (Preschool & Toddler Craft)

It's Fall!  Johnny Appleseed's birthday is this week (September 26th), and October (National Apple Month) is just around the corner!  It's the perfect time to make an apple tree!

I love projects that preschoolers can do independently (mostly!) while I help younger children at the same time.  This apple tree is one that crosses age barriers easily...and has room for creativity, expression, and experimentation.  It is also great exercise for little fingers and a sensory experience!

Simple Supplies:
* construction paper (I used blue, yellow, green, and tan.)
* glue (I like to squeeze some on a piece of paper and let the children dip their paper into it.)
* scissors
* paint
* paint aprons or bibs

Easy How-To:
1- Prepare the construction paper: cut tree trunks and cut the green paper into thirds so children have the appropriate amount of paper for the leaves.

2-  Prepare the paint.  I put red, yellow, pink, and orange dollops in a tin.  Hand out aprons!  Make sure your child can reach all the supplies.

3- Show how to place the trunk on a background page, tear the leaves, dip them in glue, and place them where the child wants.  Also, show how to make fingerprint apples and invite the children to use any color they like or to mix the colors with their fingers.  At this point, my older children (three years old and up) were able to complete the project on their own.  I love that the three-year old decided to crumple his leaves before gluing and the five-year old added some extra steps, more backgrounds (a sun and ground layer), and a fence!

4- Optional steps for toddlers:  Tear the paper leaves for toddlers.  Younger children should have fewer leaves.  Smear glue in the leaf area of the tree, and let the your toddler press the leaves into it.  Talk with them as you work with them--one of my 2-year olds told me to put some glue at the bottom of the page so he could put leaves down there too!  Let your toddler paint those apples on however he or she wants! 

I may share at any of these parties!


Lulu said...

We are doing apples next week so when I saw the picture linked from TGIF post I had to check it out.

Love the idea of the kids ripping up their own pieces for the collage. I am sure my toddler boys will love this.

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Lulu, the kids do love tearing paper, lol! Enjoy your apples unit!