Thursday, December 13, 2012


Cottonball Snowman Preschool Craft

Snow is such a fun winter theme...especially when you live somewhere that doesn't have any!! These cotton ball / pom pom snowmen (and snowman scenes!) are super easy to make and give your child a ton of creative freedom.  I love projects where they decide the final design, and the product actually tells about its creator!  Here's the easy How To:

Simple Supplies:
  • construction paper
  • contact paper (optional)
  • school glue
  • markers
  • cotton balls
  • pom poms

Easy How To:

1- Cut snowman shapes out of your contact paper and glue them onto the construction paper.  Let your child lift the "cover" off the contact paper to reveal the sticky snowman shape.  If you don't use contact paper, smear school glue in the shape of a snowman onto your child's page.

2- Let your child create his or her own snowman (or snow scene!) by sticking pom poms and cotton balls to the contact paper.  Show them how to stretch the cotton ball to make more snow and allow them to smear glue onto their construction paper if they need to.  This is, after all, your child's masterpiece!

3- Provide markers (or any other supplies you want) for embellishments.  My daughter needed a red marker because she was making a "Santa Snowman!"

4- We let the younger kids join in too (they loved it, by the way), and these were our final results:

Happy Educating,


Bella@artclubblog said...

I always loved this craft, and still have one my daughter made many years ago!

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Bella, That's awesome!! I was just trying to think of how we might save it after we take it off the wall!!

Unknown said...

I just love crafts/projects where the kids can let there imagination fly. These came out great, and I would love for you to share this on our Made by or for Kids linky