Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Ladybug Valentine Heart Card Craft

This little ladybug card / heart shape valentine craft is a winner in so many ways--my daughter chose it from a variety of ladybug crafts, and she had a ton of fun personalizing it (check out the "beautiful eyelashes")!  We originally found the idea on Pazzles and then made a few changes to accommodate the 2-5 year olds I have here.

Simple Supplies:
  • red, pink, and black construction paper
  • scissors
  • white paint and paintbrush
  • markers and/or pens 
  • glue stick

Easy How-to:

1.  Prepare the pieces:  1 big red heart for the wings, 1 big pink body (see the picture at the right...you want the pink tip to match the point on the red heart), 2 small pink hearts for the cheeks, 2 pink antennae, 6-8 small black hearts for the spots.

2.  Older children can write a note on the pink body.  Make sure you mark off the top part where the child will be gluing all the pieces together!

3.  Let your child assemble the ladybug heart shaped Valentine card!  Use white paint for the eyes and mouth.  You can use the picture at the top of this post as a guide for assembly.

4.  For younger children, leave off the big pink body.  Let them decorate the red heart with markers and black heart spots.  Supervise closely!!  This is also a great time to review the names of shapes like "heart," "circle," and "oval."

5.  Ta da!!  A work of art and a gift card!!  

I may share at any of these parties!


Kirstin said...

So cute, pinning!

MommytheTeacher said...

How ADORABLE!!!! We will be doing this this year. Last year I held a Valentine's Day party for some home school kids. Maybe I will do it this year. Whether I do or not, we will be making this card. Thank you for sharing.

Mrs B said...

very cute idea

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK said...

Oh how sweet! And so easy - that's my fave for crafts for my grandkids OR my senior mom not to mention myself. Thanks for a fun visit from the homeschool blog hop :)

Holli said...

What an adorable idea for a card! Found your post via For the Kids Fridays today. I’d love for you to share this at my Season’s Best {Valentine} Link-up…looking for family friendly ideas for the holiday…and this is perfect!
Thanks so much,
Holli @ Full Hands, Full Hearts

Unknown said...

Not only are they super cute but what a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing on We Made That

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Thanks, Kirstin!

Steph, it would be a great Valentine's Party craft! My daughter *loves* ladybugs and was so excited to share her card when it was done!

Thanks, Piwi Kids!

Kaye Swain, I agree--easy is the best!!

Holli, I'm so glad you came by! I've already visited your linky too!

We Made That, I love how they all turn out so cute--regardless of the child's age or skills--and they still have so much room for personalizing!

Unknown said...

That is so cute! Pinning. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library.

Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick said...

Cute idea, love ladybugs. Hello, new follower here and I’d like to invite you to join me at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop: http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2013/01/clever-chicks-blog-hop-18-and-country.html

I hope you can make it!


Kathy Shea Mormino

The Chicken Chick

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

That is such a cute card for little ones. Great site! Love all the free resources. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Love these. Printing can't wait to use them with my 4 y/o. Thanks so much. (Momma's Fun World)