Monday, June 24, 2013


Stuck Truck Drama Play--Poppins Book Nook

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Transportation is a theme that everyone loves here, so I am very excited to share our current favorite truck book and activity with you!

My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis is a delightful story about a truck driver delivery a "great big load" who happens to get stuck in a hole.  The story incorporates different kids of trucks, counting to five, rhymes, and engaging pictures.  In fact, the pictures tell a whole additional story (about some very naughty critters) who take advantage of the stuck truck. 

My kids love this book--we read it very frequently!  So, for our Poppins Book Nook activity we used some dramatic play to act out the entire story.  The cars and trucks are the most important characters to my boys, and they had a wonderful time gathering the vehicles that would be in "our" story.  Everyone's favorite part was hooking the dump truck up to the tow truck--we had to repeat it several times so each child could have a turn!  Then we had to repeat it with three different tow trucks too!

Do you want to dramatize a story too?  It's wonderful for developing comprehension and other pre-reading skills.  Here's a few pointers:
  • Make sure all he pieces are available--young preschoolers will lose attention if they need to wait or hunt for pieces.
  • Mix a few non-essential toys in to the important ones so your children can choose what pieces they want to use.
  • As you and your children enact a story, have everyone say repetitive or rhyming phrases from the book.
  • Ask your child what happens next.  Pictures in the book are great hints!
  • Try enacting it more than once and make up a new ending!
  • Have fun!

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Ashley said...

Cute idea for any story! Thanks!

Ticia said...

We love to dramatize stories here also.

Anonymous said...

You always come up with such creative ideas Carla! My kids and I always love to act out stories as well :-)