Thursday, September 19, 2013


{FREE} Preschool Pumpkin Mazes

This free Preschool Pumpkin Maze packet an be used two ways: as a maze or as a roll & cover game! It's perfect for fall or autumn themes!

The packet has ten mazes: 5 with a blank background and five with corn in the background as a distractor.

You can put the pumpkin mazes in a sheet protector or laminate them for repeated use.  Simply use a dry erase marker and wipe it off with a paper towel when you're done!  These mazes strengthen the small muscles in your children's hands and prepare them for more rigorous writing and cutting.  You can also let older preschoolers cut along the pumpkin path or color in the blank rectangles!

To use as a roll & cover game, grab a die and give it a roll.  Cover the number of pumpkins indicated with BINGO markers, beans, or candy corn!  Your children can fill a page as a team together or you can give each child their own page, and let them race through the maze individually.  Games like this strengthen counting skills and help develop a sense of 1-to-1 correspondence, which is important in learning to read and later math skills!

Happy Educating, Carla!


Unknown said...

Thank you for these great mazes. I pinned this to my Fall board.
: 0 ) Theresa (Capri + 3)

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Thanks for pinning Theresa!

Missy said...

I pinned this :) 2 of my kids are really excited about mazes right now, so this is perfect! Thank you for sharing!

I found your post on Share it Saturday @ Teach Beside Me.

Plumeriatmc said...

My little girl loves mazes. She will be thrilled!

Unknown said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to practice recognition and practice matching like items. Thank you for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop :-)

Rebecca English said...

This looks a fun activity.

I've included this in a round up of Halloween ideas on the Sunday Showcase.

Deb Chitwood said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pumpkin maze printable, Carla! I was happy to feature it as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest.

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Missy, I hope your kids have enjoyed it!

Tara, My daughter loves mazes too!

Kirstylee, You're welcome!

You bet, Jill!

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Thank you Rebecca!

Deb, Thanks so much for sharing it and for your kind words!

I *really* appreciate it!!