Friday, September 27, 2013

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Preschool Leaf Activities: Leaf Print Paintings

These leaf print paintings are a fabulous sensory experience that can be used with your preschoolers to review colors, talk about Fall, and create art!

They also require very little set-up and can even be made outside!  Here's the easy how-to:

Simple Supplies:

  • leaves (go outside and let your kiddos find the perfect leaves!)
  • paper
  • paint (we used Fall colors: red, yellow, and brown)
  • paint tin or paper plate
  • paint brushes

Easy How-to:

1- Put a squirt of each paint color in the tin or plate.

2- Show your children how to make a leaf print.  Invite them to create a masterpiece!

Here are our finished Leaf Print Paintings:

I love how some of the children glued their leaves to the picture with paint and others worked on a design they had in mind.

In the end, even their plates looked like art works!

This activity works great by itself, or you can tie in a discussion about seasons and why leaves change colors!

Do you have "Fall" leaves?  Our over-night lows are just getting down in to the 70-degree range, and it is so fun!  Enjoy your Fall crafts!

Are you looking for more preschool leaf activities? Check out my free preschool leaf theme!

Happy Educating, Carla

I may share at any of these parties!