Monday, October 21, 2013

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Pipe Cleaner Spider Preschool Craft

Our kids put these little spiders together in no time to go with our super cool Bubble Spider Webs!!  

The spiders could be loads of fun by themselves, but they are actually part of our current Spiders unit (the download is coming soon).  We like to learn about fun Halloween-y themes in October.  This year, we're doing Bats and Spiders!

Here's a quick how-to for these fun, furry spiders:

Simple Supplies (for each spider):
  • one pipe cleaner
  • 2 wiggly eyes (we used the self-adhesive wiggly eyes that Craft Project Ideas provided us!)
  • scissors

Easy How-to:

1- Cut the pipe cleaner into 4 sections for your children.

2- Give them the pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes and invite them to make a spider!  Let them explore and twist till they are happy with their creation.  Younger children may need help making the pieces stay where they want them to!

If you want to make them for a group, I recommend placing two on top of each other and twisting them to make an "x."  Twist another "x" with the other two pieces, then twist the two x's together.  Bend joints in the legs if you like!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see our totally awesome, easy, and very unique spider webs too!!

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