Friday, October 18, 2013


Q is for Quicksand Sensory Science Play

Quicksand (and the process to make it) can be a fabulous combination of science and sensory fun!  Plus, it starts with "Q!"

Simple Supplies:
  • bin or container for quicksand
  • sand
  • water
  • small toys
  • learn/review the Letter Q
  • sensory experience
  • sand/water discovery
  • explain quicksand formation
Easy Procedure:

1- Discuss what your children already know about quicksand.

2- Explain that quicksand has sand in it.  Let your children dig into the sand bin!  Linger on each "step" as long as your children need to really enjoy it.  We were on step 4 a very long time!

3-  Quicksand also has water.  Add a little water and discuss how it changes the small spot of sand it got wet.

4-  Add enough water to build in the sand.  Discuss how that changed the sand, and play in it!

5- Quicksand has a lot of water in it!  Add enough water to imitate quicksand!  Play in it!!  Use the toys!

6- Do your kids want to add anything else to the mixture?

More Science:

Quicksand forms when sand becomes so saturated with water that it will not support any weight.  Usually this happens when an underground water source soaks a reservoir of sand.  Riverbanks and beaches are common sites.  Earthquakes can also open up paths for water from underground aquifers to saturate sand it wouldn't normally reach.

Quicksand is most dangerous when people and animals thrash and move violently in it.  In essence, a trapped person digs himself deeper when he thrashes.  If, instead, a person leans back and slowly reaches for the edge, that person would be able to easily (slowly!) climb out.

31 Days of ABC's:

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lkgmita said...

This is so fun! I love how you tied the letter into a really fun science activity. Thanks for participating in this series!

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Thanks lkgmita! We love science around here!

Missy said...

This looks like fun! What a great activity for the letter Q! Thank you for sharing!

Ang said...

So much learning in one fun activity! Good to know about quicksand too! :-) What a fun blog! Glad I stopped by!