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Tree Leaf Collection with {FREE} Leaf Identification Cards!

One of my favorite things do when we talk about trees, leaves, or collections is to make a leaf collection with my kids and/or students!

Trees and leaves are generally easy to get to and easy to create into a leaf collection.  Plus, kids love creating their own collection and sharing it with anyone who will listen!

Here's the easy How To:

1- Collect your leaves!  What a fun field trip!  

We had a couple works of art created during our collection too!

As you collect, remember to collect the whole leaf...a compound leaf is made up of several smaller "leaflets." You want to make sure you're grabbing a whole leaf, and not just one leaflet!  See this diagram on a walnut leaf:

2- Identify your leaves!  This is easiest to do as you're collecting.  You can label the leaves in baggies, make a list on paper, or find another way of remembering the name of each leaf.  Identifying it as you collect it is easier because the tree shape, flowers, and bark can help you figure out what it is.  I'm also including a {FREE} set of leaf identification cards at the bottom of this post, but there are only ten cards and a lot more than ten trees in the world!

3- Secure your leaves to a piece of paper.  If you want to the collection to last for years, use acid-free paper and packing tape to secure the leaf to the paper.  My favorite is acid-free cardstock (there's an affiliate link at the bottom of this post).  You can hole punch the pages and put them in a binder or slide each page into a sheet protector for extra safety!  Smaller collections can also be made on index cards!

4- Add label details!  Older children can add lots of details like the common name, scientific name, date, and location the leaf was collected.  Younger children may be happy with just a name and date. Use your best judgement to decide what's most appropriate for your kiddos!

That's it!  Your very own Leaf Collection is done!  You can always add to it, but it is wonderful to have even just a few leaves to share.  The collection is even more exciting if you learn a few fun facts about the trees in it!  Super easy, but so much fun and educational value!

And, as I mentioned above, I'm sharing a set of {FREE} Leaf Identification Cards today!  I tried to include ten fairly common trees in the United States.  You can use the cards in a scavenger hunt (how many of the trees are on your block?), memory games, matching games, coloring activities, and much more!  I'd love to see how you use them--feel free to send me an email or stop by our Facebook page!

Click HERE to get a {FREE} set of Leaf Identification Cards!!

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This year I'm joining a fantastic team of bloggers to share activities that are appropriate for 2nd graders!  Once a week, this team will bring you fun, interactive, hands-on activities and printables that are perfect for this age group!  Mine will also all be easy to adapt for kiddos from PreK - 3rd grade, since those are the ages I work with!  This week the team is bringing you loads of "Leaf" ideas!  Check them out:

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