Monday, December 9, 2013

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Paper Towel Roll Snowmen Craft

Each of these Paper Towel Roll Snowmen have a ton of personality--I cannot wait to introduce them all to you!  And the kiddos enjoyed making them so much that we may make it a new tradition!

Snowmen tie into many preschool themes like snow, winter, arctic/antarctic, and (of course!) snowmen and can be used within a lesson or as a craft just for themselves!  After we made these snowmen, my kiddos introduced them to everyone and began a pretend play "Snowman Game" that lasted at least half an hour.

I love letting my kiddos' creativity dictate a lot of the structure of projects like this, so the supply list can vary.  Here's the easy how-to from our morning:

Simple Supplies:
  • paper towel rolls, cut in half (You can also use toilet paper rolls or buy cardboard craft tubes.  We just happen to have tons of paper towel rolls!)
  • white paint & paint brushes  (big brushes are best for young children)
  • felt for hats and scarves
  • yarn to tie hats
  • buttons and wiggly eyes (or other accessories)
  • markers
  • glue (School glue works great on these materials, though we used hot glue so it would dry immediately!)

Easy How-to:

1.  Cut your paper towel rolls in half (or any size you want!) and cut your felt the right size.  We used a 9" strip for the scarf and a 6" x 4" piece for the hat.

2.  Paint the paper towel rolls white!  This is wonderful finger strengthening exercise!  Ours took about 1.5 hours to dry.

3.  When they are dry, glue the hats on.  This is easy to do by running a bead of glue along the 6" side of felt and then rolling the snowman head along the glue, wrapping the felt up as you go.  My preschoolers needed a little help with this, but my six-year old was able to do it by herself.  (Alternatively, you could use a baby sock the way Red Ted Art did in her snowmen.

4.  Tie the tops of the hats off with a bit of yarn and tie the scarves on.  This is also excellent exercise for little fingers, and I have seen some preschoolers who can tie a very impressive knot!

5.  Decorate the snowmen however you want!  We had kids who wanted to use buttons, some who wanted markers, and some who wanted both!

6.  That's your kids have their own snowmen!

7.  I was so impressed with the creativity that went into these snowmen, that I just want to introduce them all to you!

Cue...Snowman Parade:

#1:  Smiley Snowman:

#2:  Professor Snowman (red hat with glasses) and Baby Snowman (pink hat):

#3:  Professor Buttons (the back of Professor Snowman...he seems to have something like a split personality!):

#4:  Alien Snowman (Check out those alien eyes!):

#5:  The "H" Snowman (He just wouldn't hold still for a picture!):

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