Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Lantern Preschool Craft

I just love these lanterns that my preschoolers designed themselves today!

We started this morning out playing with lights and shadows, and then the kiddos continued to play with their little lights on and off throughout the day.  Late in the morning they took the lights to the craft table and started to create these lanterns.  

You may have to pick up the little lights, but the rest of the supplies can vary and are most likely something you have sitting in a drawer!  Go on...let your kids make some light!  When you're done you can march them about in a parade, practice standing on one foot while you hold them, talk about shadows (Groundhog Day is in a few weeks) or just let your children take them into dark rooms and make their own light!

Simple Supplies:
  • battery operated "tea lights" (you can get these at the dollar store or from Amazon)
  • paper towel tubes, cut in half
  • "scratch" paper
  • stickers
  • tape

Easy How-to:

1.  Stuff some paper into the tube to make a base for the light.

2.  Turn the light on and drop it onto the paper (inside the tube).

3.  Use tape or a sticker to secure the light so it doesn't fall out when it's upside down.

4.  Decorate the tube with paper, stickers, or whatever else you want!

Alternatively, provide your kiddos with all the supplies and let them figure out how to design their own lanterns!!

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Ana Dziengel said...

Love these! I have been working on a similar idea in my head ;) These turned out so sweet!