Monday, February 24, 2014

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Life Sized Abe Lincoln & Poppins Book Nook & Giveaway!!

Abe Lincoln was the tallest president and a great role model in many ways, so we focused on him for our Presidents-themed Poppins Book Nook!

Abe Lincoln was six feet and four inches tall!  Do you know anyone else that tall?  One other president (Lyndon B. Johnson) was the same height!  Click here to see the heights of all the may be surprised by how tall most of them were!

I love to talk about Abe Lincoln with my kiddos for many reasons.  Here are a few:
  • Abe Lincoln was born in one room log cabin in 1809.  He did not have electricity, a car, or the internet!
  • He loved to learn!  He gave himself an education by studying books any many subjects.  He learned so much on his own that he was even able to become a lawyer!
  • He and his family had very high morals.
  • He worked hard.  Even though he did not love farmwork, he did all the "chores" he was expected to do as a young man growing up in a rural community. 
  • "Honest Abe" stories are fun and great conversation starters.  
We made a life-size Abe Lincoln to visit "school" today!  I modeled it on Doodle Bug's Abe Lincoln, but made it from sheets of paper attached with tape.  This way, it can easily fold down and rest in a drawer.  The kids loved touching his hat and hand!  

You can easily make one too!  To make him life-size, you need 17 sheets of computer paper.  Here are the easy steps:

1.  Using a large table or floor, attach the papers according to this diagram:

2.  Lincoln was six feet and four inches.  To make him life-size, you will need to draw him taking up 6.6 sheets of computer paper.  Use the diagram below to make it just right!  :)  I drew Abe using a pencil first, and then I traced over him with a black permanent marker.  Then the kids and I colored him in!  

3.  Tape him to your wall!  We had a Lincoln interview where the kids asked him questions and I "helped" him answer...I have to say, I have a pretty awesome Lincoln voice.  :)

You can also read (or let your kiddos read) this awesome book all about Abe Lincoln.  I love it because my daughter can read it and it has fun pictures with a child-friendly format.  Note: The picture is an Amazon affiliate link.  You can click on it and learn more about the book at Amazon.

This post is part of the Poppins Book Nook, a monthly themed book children's book club!  

If you have a Presidents themed book-related post, feel free to link it up below.  And if not, be sure to visit the links for more great ideas!

And, of course, a book giveaway!!

So You Want to Be President? is the book that you can win this month!  Keep reading to enter!!

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