Monday, May 19, 2014

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Awesome Preschool Science Experiment

Preschoolers are natural little scientists, and this open-ended, inquiry-driven science experiment is the perfect type of exploration their minds (and fingers!) love!

The concept behind this science project is flow, and the materials provided let your preschoolers experiment with how different objects flow through foam, water, and other textures.  Even more important than flow, though, is that this experiment provides an opportunity for your children to manipulate materials, predict what they think will happen, experiment, and then repeat the experiment to see if the results change.

To set up the experiment, arrange different objects within easy reach.  We used toothpicks, small rocks, leaves, bits of play dough, and liquid watercolors.  (To see how we easily make our own liquid watercolors, click here!)

Then fill clear a clear cup or bowl half full with water and add a layer of shaving cream.  Ask your children if they think the paint will flow through the foam.  What about the toothpicks?  Invite them to try it out and see!

They may think of other objects they need to experiment sticks!

Or they may decide they need more shaving cream!

They may try adding more than one thing at a time...

...or they may decide they need to touch it!  It does make a wonderful sensory material!  Does the foam feel the same when it is a different color?

However they experiment with it, the results are stunning!

This one looked like a rainstorm!

Do your preschoolers have a favorite science experiment or exploration? I'd love to hear about your science project fun!

Happy Educating, Carla

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