Thursday, May 8, 2014

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Children's Poetry Contest Winners & Children's Poems

April was an amazing month: I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the Children's Poetry Celebration & Contest and am so happy that so many people participated in it!

Today I'm going to share the winning poems (and some runner ups!) in each age category.  I wish I had prizes for everyone who entered...each entry was delightful and very well put together!  Choosing just one winner from each category was incredibly difficult, and I want to send a huge "Thank You!!!" to Becky at This Reading Mama for being our guest judge.

I know you want to see the winners' poems, (and they're coming right up...keep reading!) but first I also want to thank our sponsors.  They are incredible!!  Their generous donations provided some fabulous prizes for our winners, and their products and programs are amazing!!  I highly recommend them!  (And one, Discover With Dr. Cool, is offering you 5% off any products until May 15th--see details below!)

I also want to thank my amazing co-hosts!  These ladies have shared brilliant ideas for teaching children about poetry and helping even young children write poems they can be proud of.  Their regular content is fabulous too, so be sure to stop by and check them out:

Preschool Powol Packets ~ Homeschool Encouragement ~ Brave Writer's Life in Brief ~ Word Traveling ~ The Measured Mom ~ Wildflower Ramblings ~ Line Upon Line Learning ~ Teach Beside MeVicky Arnold Blog ~ School Time Snippets ~ Creekside Learning ~  Look! We're Learning! ~ Planet Smarty Pants ~ Are We There Yet

To get links to their poetry posts and writing tips, click on over to the Children's Poetry Celebration & Contest!

And now...the poems you've been waiting for!!

4-6 Year Old Winner:

A Love For Horses by Alyssa

Graceful, Herbivore
Galloping, Nuzzling, Cantering
I Love All Horses.

4-6 Year Old Runner Ups:

Rowyn by Rowyn


Penny by Sidra

She bounces on balls.
Eats chocolate bunny crackers.
My favorite friend.

Easter Morning by Alyssa

Easter morning at dawn
Ascended to Heaven to be with His awesome Father
Sins were forgiven, because Jesus died on the cross
Tomb was empty on the third day
Eggs are a symbol of new life
Resurrection: He is Risen!

7-9 Year Old Winner:

Flower Sonnet by Cassidy

My oh, my a daisy
standing in this black haze.
Someone must be crazy
To plant this plant unfazed.

My oh, my a lily
Standing in the wild.
Someone is knocked silly,
Someone is a child.

My oh, my a blue star
Standing in this tarred yard.
Someone is real bizarre
And thinks he is a bard

Now you've heard these curses
Bring in the plant nurses.

7-9 Year Old Runner Ups:

Zilabig by Rebekah

There was a pig
who played the zilabig.
He played it so off key
that all the family
lived so unhappily.

Family by Anna

Family is great for you,
With love and caring too.
They play all day with you two.
They tickle, they talk,
And they mostly love you
And just like everyone… they poo!
Don’t be shocked. It’s true!

10-12 Year Old Winner:

Words by Rachel

Every night, when there is not a single sound
Words from books come alive, move around
Quietly, so there is no catastrophe
They come out and show their personality

“Lively” bounces right off the page
Dancing, while having a big smile on its face
“Shy” simply finds a corner and hides
Afraid to be seen by human eyes

“Curious” inspects everything everywhere
Hoping for something exciting to share
“Arrogant” sniffs and demands praise
But the only one who notices is “Amazed”

“Bored” sighs again and again
Waiting for something that interests him
“Anxious” races around the room
Shouting that everyone is doomed

That’s only a few, but I wanted you to know
About what happens when your eyes are closed WINNER
So the next time you can’t seem to find any sleep
Go to your bookshelf...what do you see?

10-12 Year Old Runner Ups:

I Don't Want to Clean My Room by Amelia

I don't want to clean my room.
There must be something else to do.

I could learn how to play the kazoo.
But I don't like the kazoo.
I could go to the petting zoo.
But I don't like the petting zoo.

I could take a hike.
But I don't like to hike.
I could fly a kite.
But I don't like kites.

I could try on my new hat.
But I don't like hats.
I could play with my cat.
But I don't like cats.

I could go to the arcade.
But I don't like the arcade.
I could see a parade.
But I don't like parades.

I could buy new shoes.
But I don't like new shoes.
I could watch the news.
But I don't like the news.

There's really nothing else to do.
Fine, I guess I'll clean my room.

My Friend by Talia-Rae

I have a little friend,
As funny as can be,
I do think it quite strange,
She’s only seen by me!

I have a little friend,
She never has to leave!
My parents often tell me,
They’re glad I make believe!

I have a little friend,
I seek and she will hide,
But if you don’t count that,
She’s always by my side!

Again, a HUGE "Thank you!!!"  to everyone who participated in the Children's Poetry Celebration & Contest!!  I hope you learned something new and enjoyed the month!!

I may share at any of these parties!