Saturday, May 17, 2014


Sports Theme Preschool Lesson

We recently had a super fun sports themed preschool day, so today I'm sharing our Sports Day with you!

Sensory Bin: I use this as a gathering activity.  This time, we put little sports balls inside a big rice bin.

Circle Time & Guessing Bag:  In the circle, I give each child a chance to share something, we count, and talk about days of the week.  To introduce the sports theme, I had about a dozen different balls or sports accessories inside a large gift bag.  Each child drew out an item and explained which sport it represented.

Relays outside:  Our weather has been gorgeous and our kids are energetic, so we headed outside right away!  Click here to learn how we used relays as a team building activity!

Free play outside:  After the relays, I let the kids play outside.  I loved watching them work together to build a "campfire" together!

Snack:  We had homemade rolls (aka balls) and oranges (aka basketballs)!

Sports Grid Game:  Click here to download your own {FREE} Sports Grid Game and get instructions to play it!

Craft: Make a Football:  Aren't these little footballs the cutest ever!  I just loved watching the kids make them!  Click here for instructions and tips to make your own football craft!

Find & graph hidden sports:  This activity combined our kiddos' active energy, a fun game, and graphing skills!  Click here for details!!

Books!  I love to read, and the sports theme has so many fun options!  I have a list of more than 20 books about different sports that preschoolers love here!

And, like usual, I over-planned the day!  Here are some fun activities that we did later because we couldn't fit it all in a 2-1/2 hour day:

Crayon rubbings on different balls:  place a paper on a ball and rub a crayon on it to make a textured drawing!  Or, just cut out ball-shaped sand paper and make rubbings using that!

Balance Beam Walk:  Watch this awesome video clip of Shawn Johnson and let everyone walk along a balance beam!  We have a 2x4 that's about ten feet long that we use for a balance beam, but you could even just stretch a string across the floor for your kids to walk on!

Play Kickball outside!

Swimming Balloons:  Fill a big bucket, tub, or container with water, blow up a balloon (but don't tie it!), and release it on one end of the bucket.  The force of the air leaving the balloon will propel the balloon across the top of the water...and maybe even in the air!

Do you have a Sports Day coming up?  What is your preschooler's favorite sport?

I may share at any of these parties!


Mrs. Sproul said...

These are really great ideas! I'm doing a summer home school and I'm looking forward to doing many of these great activities with my 4 year old. Thank you for sharing!

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Mrs. Sprout, I'm so glad you can use it! Our kiddos were 4 and 5 and LOVED the sports theme! Good luck this summer!