Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Backyard Bugs: Introduction & Index

This summer I am super excited to bring you a brand new series inspired by my insect-loving kiddos: Backyard Bugs!!  

Each Tuesday this summer, beginning next week, I will post about a "bug" that is commonly found in backyards.  Each post will include things like what they eat, what eats them, their life cycle, interesting biology, observation/learning activities for your preschoolers, and whether or not the bug is safe to pick up.  All the bugs will be linked to this post, so you can pin, bookmark, or favorite this post and come back to it to learn more about common bugs each week!

I should also clarify that by "bug" I mean insects, arthropods, and other small crawly critters...not just "true" bugs.  :)

So, are you excited?  I'm excited!!

Here are the bugs I already I have planned...if you have any requests, feel free to send them to me!  And, each bug on this list will be linked to its post as its week comes up!

Backyard Bugs!!

June 10th:  Introduction
June 17th:  Leaf-footed Bug
June 24th:  Monarch Butterfly
July 1st:  Cicada
July 16th:  Roly Poly/Potato Bug
July 29th:  June Beetle

I would be so happy if you wanted to help share this series!  Feel free to share links to this page and/or individual bug's pages on any social media platform or in your own blogs.  Thank so much!!

I may share at any of these parties!