Saturday, July 5, 2014

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{FREE} Printable Game: Flower Hunt!!

This fun {FREE} printable game is perfect for helping preschoolers develop early math and reading skills!


Grid games give preschoolers the opportunity to practice counting and develop a concept of one-to-one relationships, which are important in learning to read.  Plus, the fun flowers and bees are loads of fun in the summer time!

To play, simply print one copy of the flower page and one copy of the bee page for each player:

Cut out the bees.  

Take turns rolling a die and covering up the indicated number of flowers with bees.  You "win" when all the flowers are covered.  Keep playing until all players win!

CLICK HERE to download your {FREE} copy of the Flower Hunt game!

Please note:  I am always thrilled to have you share this post and printable, but please do so by linking to this page, and not the actual file.  Thank you so much!! 

I may share at any of these parties!