Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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Fly Into the School Year With Owls!! Back to School Fun!

It's Back-to-School Time!!  Fly back to school this year with this fun, free owl-y printable!

I love doing things when we start the new year that help me grab a "snapshot" of my kids. They grow up SO fast! It is so easy to think we will remember their favorite breakfast or subject forever, and... we just don't! This little booklet is perfect for celebrating a new year and grabbing one of those little snapshots in time!

Do you love owls?  We do!  Here are some more great ideas and printables with owl themes:

* Egg Carton Owls from Life With Moore Babies
* Mix and Match Owls Felt Board Play from And Next Comes L
* Owl Paper Bag Puppets from Reading Confetti
* Paper Plate Owl Craft from Own a Day Care
* Owl Art Crafts from Deep Space Sparkle
* Owl Book Page Craft from 29 Black Street
* TP Roll Owls from Fresh and Fun
* Owl Themed Classroom Door Mrs. Lee's Kinder Kids
* Paper Plate Owl from Pure and Noble
Owl Books, Crafts, Activities, and more from And Next Comes L

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