Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Croaking Frog Craft and Halloween Read & Play

This Croaking Frog Craft actually croaks!  He's perfect to make for Halloween, fall, Room on the Broom, or just for fun by himself!

The other day, the kids found a toad outside that was as big as their hands.  They loved it!  It was the perfect chance to read one of our favorite Halloween books, make a frog craft, and talk about frogs some more!

My daughter thinks the frog's croak sounds more like a "scraping sound," but that was also a great chance to talk about how different frogs make different sounds.  For example, did you know that...

* Only male frogs croak!
* Every frog species makes a different sounding croak!
* Some "croaks" sound more like a bird chirping!
* The red-legged frog only "calls" underwater!

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To make your own cute Croaking Frog (that really croaks!), you will need these

Simple Supplies:

* paper cups
* these cute frog pictures (artwork by My Cute Graphics...or you can get your own pictures)
* tape or glue
* optional: paint
* 2 paper clips
* plastic ribbon, about 8 inches long

Just follow these easy steps:

1.  Poke a *tiny* hole through the cup and thread the plastic ribbon through.

2.  Tie each end of the ribbon around a paper clip.

3.  Print the frog and tape it to your cup.

4.  To make your frog croak, pull the ribbon all the way through the hole.  Or go back and forth!

It's super easy!
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