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25+ Ideas for Teaching Kids Who Can't Sit Still!

Do you have an active learner?  Then you will love this collection of more than 25 ideas to teach kids who can not sit still!  Also, keep reading to learn more about the fantastic Project Sensory!

I have always thought that all children should be able to move throughout the day.  Perhaps this stems from my own inability to hold still for more than about thirty seconds at a time.  This is coming to be even more meaningful to me as I have a child that struggles to hold still even more than I do.  I suspect it is related to some sensory processing challenges he has, but his need to move becomes much more apparent as he gets older.  The fact is, however, that all children have sensory needs, and research is now showing that exercise improves academic performance in children!  

Have you ever wondered why kids can't sit still? This post discusses how sensory needs can even make it impossible to sit still!

Moving while you learn is natural and makes the educational process more engaging and memorable.  I hand picked these ideas for teaching active children for two reasons:

1- They are fun, active teaching ideas.
2- They are very adaptable.  For example, the Spelling with Tin Can Drums (pictured top right) can be used for the suggested spelling or adapted for learning numbers, shapes, or other concepts.  It can also be used across several ages.  

These ideas are fantastic for kids who can't sit still, and they work wonderfully for children who can!  Even if your child can hold still and do worksheets, it is much more fun to learn with them while you are playing!

I hope you love these ideas, save them for later, and are able to use them as a reference with your own kiddos.  Keep reading below the list to learn more about Project Sensory, a new project to help meet the sensory needs of children!  And now...

25+ Ideas for Teaching Kids Who Can't Sit Still:

Alphabet & Reading:

The Alphabet Parking Lot at I Can Teach My Child
Using the Garage Door for learning letters at Sugar Aunts
Spelling with Tin Can Drums at And Next Comes L (pictured)
Letter Recognition Sensory Play at Little Bins for Little Hands
Letter Harvest at Growing Book by Book
Letter Recognition Game at Betsy's Photography
Post it Noun Hunt at School Time Snippets
Swat That Sight Word at School Time Snippets
Car Track Delivery Game at Stay at Home Educator (pictured)
Alphabet Circle Seek at Stay at Home Educator
Find Letters in Architecture at KC Edventures
Read Your Way Scavenger Hunt at School Time Snippets
Reading to Active Kids at A Mom With a Lesson Plan

Numbers & Math:

Conceptualizing 100 With Blocks at Preschool Powol Packets
Teaching math through play at Thriving Stem (pictured)
Bubble Wrap Shape Printing at Multi Crafting Mummy
Math Pop at Chicken Babies
Number Line Smash at School Time Snippets
Shape Activities at Stay at Home Educator
Dice And Beanbag Game at Stay at Home Educator
Matching With a Sensory Bin at Life Over C's
Moving With Math at Real Life at Home

General or Combination:

How I Teach a Fidgety Child at Lemon Lime Adventures
Indoor Games for Kids with a Mini Trampoline at B-Inspired Mama
Plastic Cup Learning Games at Little Bins for Little Hands (pictured)
How I Teach Active Learners at Adventures in Mommydom

I am writing this post as part of the Decoding Every Day Kid Behaviors Blog Hop.  Dozens of bloggers share insight into common challenges you may have with your children!

I mentioned earlier that not sitting still can be related to sensory processing.  All children have sensory needs.  In elementary school we often talk about five, but there are actually eight different senses: sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, proprioceptive, vestibular, and interoceptive.  All children process information through their senses differently.  When that processing interferes with behavior or lifestyle, we start to talk about sensory processing disorders.  Many of these behaviors can be helped with the right intervention...for example, a child who craves sensory input may not be able to sit still, but can still learn using some of the strategies listed above.  This same child may get fidgety in public or need something to keep his hands busy during a lesson.

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Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures is passionate about sensory processing and is launching Project Sensory to help families and teachers who work with children with sensory processing needs.  The Sensory Fix Toolkit was originally put together for a child with sensory processing disorder, but the company is determined to get the sensory tools and experiences to all children that they need to succeed!

Sensory Fix™ for Everyday Sensory Needs 

October is Sensory Processing Month, and Project Sensory is giving away one complete Sensory Fix Toolkit AND over a dozen different sensory processing tools during a huge giveaway event!  These kits would be fun for any child and especially useful for a child who struggles with sensory processing.  You can enter here...just scroll down to the bottom!

I just have to add one more thing about Project Sensory.  Dayna is creating a program where she is donating complete Sensory Fix Toolkits to classrooms!  As a former public school teacher, I can not even tell you how cool I think this is!  At the time, I had never heard of sensory processing, but I used to use similar "fixes" for kids in my class who needed help focusing,  These kits would make teaching and learning so much easier!  I seriously love how she is planning on giving back to the educational community!

And, since we are just beginning Sensory Processing Month, be sure to grab a {FREE} 100 Sensory Activities printable and check out the Sensory Processing Awareness Challenge!

Do you use active learning techniques with your kiddos?  I'd love to see more ideas!  Feel free to leave a comment or share your ideas on our PreschoolPowolPackets Facebook page!

Happy Educating, Carla

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