Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Fine Motor Turkey Craft

These cute turkeys are a great fall preschool craft and perfect for strengthening fine motor skills!

After you make your turkey craft, you can keep the pieces in a Montessori Bin or a Busy Bag!  They're wonderfuly re-usable...perfect for a fun, simple activity or for keeping your little one busy when you need an extra two minutes!

For your own fine motor turkey craft, you will need these

Simple Supplies:

* foam craft sticks
(A big thank you to Craft Project Ideas for providing our foam craft sticks!)
* craft foam for beak and waddle
* clothespins
* plastic plates
* wiggly eyes
* paint and paintbrushes
* glue

Easy How-to:

1- Cut the beaks and waddles (the red dangly thing on turkeys) for your turkeys out of orange and red craft foam.

2- Paint your plates!  I love to let kiddos choose what color their turkeys are.  Many will go with a traditional brown, but many will want some more color, and that is totally fine!  When crafting with young children, I always limit the number of color choices.  Today, they could choose from brown, blue, yellow, or black.

Most of my kids painted with their brushes, but we always have a few who use their fingers!

3-  Use the wet paint like glue to place the eyes, beak, and waddle.  Or wait until it dries and use real glue.

4- While the paint dries, glue the colorful foam craft sticks to clothespins.

5- And now build your turkeys using those growing fine motor skills!  When you're done, pull the turkeys apart and save the pieces for a Montessori bin or a Busy Bag!

Just look how hard those little fingers are working!

And here are some of our proud turkeys!

(This may be an alien turkey.)

Gobble, gobble, gobble!!

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