Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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Super Easy Sensory Activity

This super easy sensory activity is the easiest sensory experience you will ever set up.  And it can double as a science experiment!

Kids love it!  It is soothing to the skin, easy to manipulate, and light and powdery!

You can hand it to your kiddos and let them dump it in the kitchen, on the sidewalk, or on a giant tarp.

They can use their hands or their feet.

Any guesses?  It's not flour...

I cannot take all the credit for this fantastic idea...it actually came from my 4-year old.  I came downstairs one afternoon and discovered this in the kitchen:

He said that he made snow.

In case you're still wondering...the "snow" is baking soda!

I chatted about it on Facebook, and Dayna (from the fantastic Lemon Lime Adventures) wondered where my vinegar was.  Don't worry Dayna, it was close by!  :)

And here is where a child-led sensory activity became a child-run science experiment.  You can add this element in for your kiddos too...just fill a spray bottle with colored vinegar, and let your kids see how much fizzing fun they can make on the floor!  (or sidewalk or tarp...it's easy to contain the mess if you really want to!)  I actually diluted the vinegar by adding water to half the spray bottle.  It's still strong enough to bubble and fizz when it hits the baking soda!

When you're done, a quick mop and the floor is ready to go again. (Or, if you're outside, just use your garden hose to wash the baking soda/vinegar mixture away.)

Have you ever let your kids make a big mess?  Would you ever try it?  I'd love to know!!

I may share at any of these parties!

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