Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Healthy Groundhog Day Treat!

We have been on a healthy food (and low sugar) journey for the last year, so I am very happy to bring you my healthy low-sugar Groundhog Day snack!

This snack is just as much fun as the more common chocolate-pudding-and-graham-cracker treats, but has far less sugar and (depending on what brand you purchase!) includes loads of good things like whole grains, probiotics, and more!

Here's the easy how-to:

1- Mix pineapple and plain/vanilla flavored yogurt with green food coloring to make the hill of grass.

2- Cut the groundhog out of a tortilla.  Pipe the features on with black frosting (yep, there's the sugar...it's not a lot though!).  You can pipe yogurt on for white teeth.

3- If needed, use a toothpick to support the groundhog in his hill!

What kind of Groundhog Day plans do you have?  I'd love to see!

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