Monday, February 23, 2015

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Preschool Collaborative Art: Sparkly Button Rainbow

Isn't this Sparkly Button Rainbow Art gorgeous?!!  Our preschoolers are in love with it, and I love that it was a collaborative project!  Every time they look at, they know they helped make this bright, colorful, and attractive art project!

We love all kinds of art projects, but there are few things that can bring a group of kids together more than cooperating to create something bright and stunning.  They all have ownership.  I cannot tell you how much I love hearing them tell each other things like, "Oooh, good job!" and "That one looks great!" and "Mine looks perfect next to yours!"  It is such a refreshing change of pace from the occasional comparison that we see creeping in on individual art projects.  And if a little rainbow art can encourage team building and group bonding (especially when half the team are my own kids!), I am all for it!

And the best can do it with preschoolers and their siblings and other-aged friends!  Our little group had kiddos from 2-7 years old, and they all loved it!

To make your own Sparkly Button Rainbow, you will need these

Simple Supplies:

* variety of buttons
* variety of pony beads
* glue (we used white school glue, but you could also use modge podge or hot glue)
* glitter
* canvases (We used one 8.5" x 11" canvas for the whole group, but you could easily do one for each child!)

Easy How-To:

1.  In advance, prepare the canvas by lightly drawing the rainbow lines with glue.  I used the pony beads to keep track of how  many rainbow lines I wanted to draw.

2.  Fill in one "color" of the rainbow with glue, and let your kiddos fill it in with buttons and beads!  We raided my button stash and came up with a fantastic assortment of buttons and pony beads! Repeat this step for each color.

Check out the fine motor practice too!

3.  Finally, pour glitter onto the tops of the buttons!!  You can even add some extra glue so more sparkle will stick!  Let it dry!

4.  Ta da!  GORGEOUS group art!  Find a prominent place to hang your Sparkly Button Rainbow!

We made our Sparkly Button Rainbow in conjunction with reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover.

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This month's theme for the Poppins Book Nook is Poetry.  There really is an unlimited amount of a variety of poetry books for kids, but since St. Patrick's Day is coming up and we are slightly obsessed with rainbow projects lately we chose this fun rhyming story about an old lady who swallowed a clover and several other St. Patrick's-y items.  There are a couple spots where the rhyming is not as natural as some of the other There Was an Old Lady... books, but my kids loved the couplets and thought the things she did swallow were hilarious!  We also had a lot of fun coming up with other words that rhymed with each couplet.  In the end, the old lady surprises everyone (at least my kiddos!) by burping out a festive, colorful rainbow!

My 4-year old especially enjoys coming up with rhymes lately, so throughout the entire day, we would randomly rhyme some of the words in the book with other words.  One of our favorite games is a rhyming challenge.  For example, if he says, "clover!"  I will say, "over!"  Then he might follow with, "grover!" and I might say "bover!"  The fun part is that (for this game) you can use real words or made up words.  The point is to generate rhymes.

Are your kiddos interested in poetry?  Be sure to check out my {FREE} Poetry Unit's filled with fun poetry reading, writing, and enrichment activities based on poems in Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends.

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