Monday, March 16, 2015

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Name Recognition & Writing Series!!

I am super excited to host a Name Recognition & Writing Series during the month of April!

We have been working on learning how to recognize and write our names a lot lately, and I LOVE finding more ideas for fun ways to work on this...especially with my very high-energy little boy!

I am just thrilled to bring you dozens of ideas for name recognition and writing from some of my favorite bloggers throughout April!  This is the landing page for this awesome series!  Be sure to bookmark, pin, and check back throughout April for updated links to all the brilliant ideas that will be shared for helping your kiddos learn to recognize and write their names!

Here's a look at the schedule...with topics and sneak previews coming soon!

April 1st
Beaded Heart Names | Preschool Powol Packets

April 2nd
Glitter Glue Name Writing | Messy Little Monster

April 3rd
2 Spring Name Activities | Toddler Approved

April 4th
5 Playdough Activities to Learn Your Name | Growing Book By Book

Caterpillar Name Puzzle & {FREE} Printable | April 6th
Sand in My Toes

April 7th
Name Recognition Race | School Time Snippets

April 8th
Using LEGO for Name Recognition | Treading on Lego

April 9th
Textured Names | In the Play Room

April 10th
7 Ways to Teach Children to Write Their Names | Study at Home Mama

April 11th
Something to Offer

April 13th
Sidewalk Chalk Names | Bare Feet on the Dashboard

April 14th
Countryside Mom

April 15th
Sensory Name Recognition | Munchkins and Moms

April 16th
Write Names Right Printable | Putting Socks on Chickens

April 18th
Personalized Caterpillars | The Inspired Treehouse

April 20th
Giant Car Track | Adventures of Adam

April 21st
In the Kid's Kitchen

April 22nd
Butterfly Name Crafts | Fun-A-Day

April 23rd
Life Over C's

April 24th
Teach Kids to Write Their Name | Sugar Aunts

April 27th
Sticky Letters Busy Bag | Best Toys for Toddlers

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I may share at any of these parties!

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