Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Plant Seeds With Preschoolers in DIY Biodegradable Planters!

Planting seeds with preschoolers--okay, with any aged child--is an exciting science activity that can teach a ton of lessons!  Use these super-easy-to-make biodegradable planters to make the fun even more simple and Earth-friendly!

Egg cartons are pretty popular around here.  We've used them to make ladybugs, bats, penguins, and more.  We also love to use them to plant seeds!

To make your own DIY biodegradable planter, simply cut a cardboard egg carton up into its individual pockets.  You can poke a hole in the bottom if you're concerned about drainage, but it isn't usually necessary.

Next, plant your plant!  Fill the planter up with soil, and press the seed into it, following the instructions on the seed packet.  We did this outside because I love letting the kids work in the outdoors, but you can also do it inside if you choose.

Most recently, we planted bean and flower seeds after our bean seed dissection, but you can plant any seed in these "pots" at any time!  Right now is a great time to start pumpkins!

When you know where you want to plant your seeds in the ground, just dig a little hole and put the entire egg carton planter/pot into the hole.  As you water your plants, the egg carton will fall apart and become mulch for your plant.  This helps cut down on weeds!  You can wait to "transplant" your seed until you see sprouts coming above the soil, or you can pop it in the ground as soon as you're ready!

Biodegradable planters are wonderful for planting seeds with preschoolers whose little hands might have a hard time transplanting a normal seedling safely into the ground.  And, you can tie in a lesson on recycling or Earth Day!

I may share at any of these parties!

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